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    No, you do not need to collateralize your assets, sign a personal guarantee or give away an equity stake in order to get an investment. We're not that complicated.


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    As a successful business owner, you bring your expertise and love of a trade, or product to the world.  Working capital is an essential part of your business journey. We at Yalber are here to give you easy access to the working capital you need.

    Yalber invests in businesses that generate revenue from products or services. Yalber collects a royalty, or a percentage of your business’s future receivables in exchange for an up front-investment.  Unlike other royalty investments, Yalber does not receive royalties of your business’s sales for the life of your business. Instead, the royalty we receive is limited to a specific amount agreed based on our risk analysis team approach and for the benefit of your business success and growth. Once the amount has been paid, the royalty rights are returned back to your business.