Top 5 Entrepreneur Resolutions for 2018

Your goal for 2018 should be to accomplish all of the goals in 2017, which you should have done in 2016 because you made a promise to yourself in 2015 and planned in 2014….Stop waiting and start doing! Let Yalber be the solution to your resolution!

1) If a product fails, call it Beta Version

Never give up on your entrepreneurship dreams. If you feel like something is not going your way, take it as a valuable lesson and grow from it. Regardless if you are going through a rough patch or experiencing substantial growth, always remember why you became an entrepreneur in the first place. Allow 2018 to help you grow and remember why you have embarked on creating a difference in the business world.

2) New Year. New Web

If your business website is older than a fine aged wine- it may be time to update it.  Evaluate the usability and user experience of your website- meaning the colors, images, content copy, page layouts..etc. As time changes, websites should go with it too. It is important that websites maintain modernity and is easy for users to navigate. Furthermore with this change, it may have also a positive effect on your digital marketing strategies.

3) Keep on Learning

Read all about the latest trends that are going on in your industry and how you can take advantage of it. Furthermore, take benefit of major industry events. A big success in business is to absorb the knowledge around you.

4) Financial Statements Don’t Read Themselves

Commit yourself in understanding your finances more. Many business owners are too busy to check or don’t understand their financial statements- so they bypass them straight to a bookkeeper, CFO or accounting professional. Make a commitment to yourself to learn what the balance sheets mean to your business.

5) Keep Growing your Business with Confidence

The founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson says When employees tell you about their good ideas for the business, don’t limit your response to asking questions, taking notes and following up. If you can, ask those people to lead their projects and take responsibility for them. From those experiences, they will then have built the confidence to take on more and you can take a further step back.  Stepping back frees the founder to focus on the bigger picture — to dive in when there are problems or to help close a deal. This is how I manage our diversified group: I am not involved in the daily business of any Virgin company, unless I need to be.”  Teamwork certainty does make the dream work.

Bottom Line: Let your New Year’s Resolution be 1080p. Concentrate on ways to constantly make your business brighter and stronger. Yalber is here to help you achieve your business dreams- our business representatives are happy to help you with any questions you may have.


3 Ways AI Can help your Business

When you think Artificial Intelligence, you may think of  a Will Smith movie where he fights off robots or a robot who does your roommates dishes. But also AI can be a solution to many everyday business problems.

What is AI? Artificial Intelligence is a simulation of human behavior in computers (sounds so 2080 doesn’t it?). It is not the Matrix or the future, it is the technology of today.

Technology is racing ahead faster than ever before!-or faster than Usain Bolt’s Olympic debut race time. With more technology advances in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, it increases the possibilities for what we can accomplish without human intervention. If you are a small business owner, you may want to take advantage of some of these advances- they can make a big impact on the way you drive sales!


1) ChatBots = Extra Support for Customer Service on your Website

Having a ChatBot on your website for customer service/ support is deemed highly beneficial. AI is helping ChatBots get better at recognizing what are customer wants and needs. It is important to think of it as another user interface for customers to interact with your company. ChatBots are also useful for obtaining specific customer information without digging for it. Think about your most commonly asked questions from your customers-for an example- “How late are you open?”, “Do you have this item in stock?”, “Where is your location”…etc. These kind of calls can eat up a good portion of your customer service care- even if they are easy to field. If your ChatBot has the info it needs to answer your commonly-asked questions, your company can save a lot of time. Which also means it reduces the friction for customers, allowing them to quickly find what they want and making that decision to buy easier.


2) VA…Virtual Assistant

AI is ever-evolving to making your life easier and with less hassle. If you are a business owner- you wear multiple hats and sometimes it may be difficult to stay organized. When you have an average of 150 different emails every single day- it is easy for important emails to slip through the cracks. AI provides an alternative solution to having 10 different color post-its and an angry client who thinks you are ignoring them…a virtual assistant.  These assistants need more instructions but they can easily be used to help chase down people for meetings, follow up on important emails and help you stay on track.


3) AI for Accounting (AcoBots)

Automating things that are tedious and repetitive can be a beneficial thing for your finance team. It can free up time for them to focus more of their energy on strategic thinking. AcoBots help you keep track of your bookkeeping to generate helpful insights that can help you create valuable decisions for your company.


Bottomline:  AI is there to help you and take away some of your stresses in your businesses.

Top 5 Tips on Hiring the Right Person

Having the right team can either make a business or break it. Great employees are the driving force for any success of your business. The hiring process is crucial to employing the right person that fits best within your organization.


The interview is an important step to get to know your potential employee- it is not a time to be critical on someones nail polish choice or how someone keeps tapping their shoe. Here are some questions you may need to ask yourself, to find the right employee for your company.


1) Are they team players?

You want to hire someone who is very collaborative and can work within a team. You don’t want to hire someone who solely thinks about themselves and their own competitive gains.


2) Can they see patterns in disparate information?

You want to hire someone who can analyze mountains of data and not have an overabundance of information overwhelm them.  Furthermore, with this you want someone who can think critically and understand changes and trends within data to compose insights and strategies.


3) Do they ask great questions?

Asking questions is the simplest and most effective way of learning-  you want a candidate who is always interested in learning and absorbing much knowledge as possible about the company/industry.


4) Can they admit to mistakes?

Being able to admit to your mistakes can also make you be able to glean important lessons from them. You want a candidate who learns from their mistakes and moves on.


5)Is the candidate highly adaptive?

In any business change can happen quick. You want someone who is steady on their feet in adapting to changes within the work environment.


Bottomline: It is important to ask yourself these questions to find someone who fits well within your organization. It is important to have a well rounded candidate who is ready for anything that comes their way.